Impressions from the Data centres at the EFCC Headquarters and at the NFIU:

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The Nigerian Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is seeking a turnkey IT solution to automate its complex mandate. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime through its Information Technology Service (ITS) has proposed a technical solution that is scalable to meet the current and foreseen future needs of BPP.

The solution encompasses three deliverable areas: ICT infrastructure and Data Centre, Procurement Management software , and IT Training.

The BPP Project is being implemented in two phases as follows:

PHASE I - Quick Win Solutions (completed)

Pictures of the Data Centre


The Quick Win strategy that was used in this phase has provided UNODC ITS with valuable insights into the context of BPP, and consequently contributed to defining optimal solutions for the BPP project deliverables.


This part of the project would span over 2 years, with outputs categorized into three distinct groups, as follows:

The aforementioned outputs are a direct outcome of the following activities respectively:

1) Development of the Public Procurement Review software (goPPR)

goPPR is the substantive system that would address the monitoring and oversight of public procurement in Nigeria. It would comprise the following features:


The following diagram provides an overview of the proposed system components.

2) Operations and Support  of ICT Infrastructure and Data Centre
(following goIDM standard

The operations and support would be in the following areas:

3) Training