Impressions from the Data centres at the EFCC Headquarters and at the NFIU:

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Commissioning of the Judicial Research Centre of Kaduna State Judiciary (Kaduna/Nigeria): 30 July, 2009


Hon. Justice R.H. Cudjoe (OFR), Chief Judge of Kaduna State High Court of Justice

"The aim of the Centre is to improve access to information and international best practices. The Centre will aid Judges immensely in writing judgements, as they will be able to easily check references and cases cited by counsel. It will facilitate easy access to information and increase case flow management, thereby increasing speed and timeliness in justice delivery and easy access to justice. We sincerely thank the European Commission for supporting us in funding this Research Centre and the UNODC for its design and implementation. We thank you very much for all your good work and hope that you will continue to identify with us in achieving speedy dispensation of justice."

Mr. Claudi Ferrez, Representative of EU Delegation, Abuja

"The Judicial Research Centre is a facility that will increase the judicial operational capacity through the provision of IT equipment, research tools, data communication solutions and training in each of the 10 (ten) selected states of the project.

Nigeria has now a useful tool for improving the State Judicial efficiency and we are convinced that this Judicial Centre will contribute to enhance its performance. The Judiciary in Kaduna will also gain a lot by making full use of these facilities which will require proper maintenance and further investment to remain a state-for-the-art operation."

Ms. Dagmar Thomas, UNODC Country Representative

"A Judicial Research Centre is an IT facility which provides access to legal research tools, the Internet, and some specialized IT applications such as the Complaints Management System. A Judicial Research Centre has three (3) main components: a satellite dish, a server room of equipment, and a pool of computers, printers, and scanner. By deploying the Judicial Research Centre here at the Kaduna State Judiciary, we do hope that it will help to improve the performance and efficiency of judicial officers and court officials."